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Thursday, 6th March 2014
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Shinkansen with footbath in works

Japan's famous bullet trains - extremely prompt and impeccably clean - are already a source of awe and incredulity to anyone more used to a morning commute in London or New York, but a new shinkansen has a feature that is going to be yet another talking point for travellers.

Tired passengers zipping through the countryside on the way to or from Tokyo will have the opportunity to bathe their aching feet with specially fitted footbaths on the new Toreiyu service, it has been reported.

The facilities will be fitted in one carriage only and the individual tubs will each be 2.4 metres in length, facing the windows.

Bathing is a ritualised and sacred activity in Japan and the tubs have been fitted with the intention of helping passengers relax rather than clean their feet.

The Toreiyu trains will also have a car with a bar counter and traditional tatami mat flooring along with tables made from cherry wood, where passengers can unwind further with a nice drink.

Written by Graham McPherson


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