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Thursday, 8th October 2015
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Celebrate all things shinkansen this weekend

Japan's shinkansen bullet trains are not just a mode of transport for locals and visitors alike, but a feat of engineering the country is immensely proud of.

In recognition of this fact, high-speed rail and everything associated with it is to be celebrated at a special event this weekend (October 10th and 11th).

The Special Exhibition of Shinkansen Trains is to be held at the Wind Tunnel Technical Center, Maibara City in Shiga Prefecture.

It is not far from the local train station, allowing enthusiasts to travel by shinkansen to reach the venue.

There they will find an absolute coup in the world of high-speed travel - three trains that are not usually exhibited to the public - the 300X, STAR21 and WIN350 models.

These experimental vehicles are used when new features are being tested that could eventually be incorporated into the shinkansen of the future.

Among the fun things to do as part of the event, stepping inside these incredible trains is likely to be the highlight of a visit for any train fans.

The exhibition has something for everyone, however, with other activities, such as a loud voice shouting contest, portrait drawing competition and various shops and food stalls all to be offered.

Those attending the event on the Sunday will also be given the opportunity to take bus tours to a selection of rail-related sites.

The Special Exhibition of Shinkansen Trains will run from 10am to 4pm throughout the weekend and is free to attend.

Anyone wishing to participate in the bus tour will find tickets can be purchased at 300 yen (£1.63) for adults and 150 yen for children.