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Wednesday, 5th March 2014
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Nijo Castle in Kyoto available for events

Kyoto's famous Nijo Castle is to open its doors for events and meetings later this year, with the 400-year-old landmark to start taking bookings next month for weddings, parties and other get-togethers

The fortification, which is recognisable by its white walls and distinctive curved roofs that bloom from the central structure on every floor, was constructed in 1603 as the residence of the first shogun of the Edo period.

A UNESCO World Heritage site, Nijo Castle is open to visitors and features extensive and beautiful grounds, displaying many fine examples of Japanese architecture and horticulture.

Popular times to visit include late February to early March when its beautiful plum orchards are in bloom, while the maple and ginkgo trees offer a brilliant autumn blaze during the second half of November.

Nijo Castle is located in the heart of Kyoto close to the Imperial Palace, a still-used residence of the Imperial Family when they visit the city.

Written by Mark Smith