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Friday, 14th February 2014
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Travel chaos as snow returns to Kanto

Cities and towns in Kanto have once again been plunged into travel chaos as up to 30 centimetres of snow fell across the prefecture today (February 14th), with more than 100 flights on the cancellation list.

Tokyo had a thin covering by early afternoon, with the Japanese Meteorological Agency warning there will be more misery to come as snow showers are expected to continue long into the night.

The agency has also warned of pockets of snow across central and western Japan, while strong winds and high waves will batter the coastal areas over the weekend.

Such issues are likely to cause much frustration to travellers, with Narita Airport still shifting some of the backlog from cancelled flights last week.

The transport hub, which handles the bulk of international flights to and from Tokyo, says it has stocked up on blankets and bottles of water after it came under fire for not doing enough the previous weekend when almost 6,000 passengers spent the night in terminals.

Written by Susan Ballion