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Thursday, 26th June 2008
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Martial arts granny puts Italian soldiers through their paces

A five foot tall, 77-year-old Japanese woman has been hired by the Italian military to train recruits how to perform martial arts.

Nicknamed the 'Samurai Granny', Keiko Wakabayshi is an expert in a range of disciplines including jujitsu, jojitsu, kenjitsu, judo, kendo and karate, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The pensioner lives by the ethos 'nothing is impossible'.

After dealing with an opponent during a training session she exclaims "Don't think it's unbelievable. They physique doesn't matter."

Senior Italian officers hope the experience will toughen up their recruits from the Folgore brigade based at the Livorno barracks.

Ms Wakabayshi reached her level of expertise after many years of training and she believes she will be able to carry on for many years to come.

Martial arts refer to various forms of combat, many of which encompass religious aspects such as those found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Confucianism, according to Martial Arts News.

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