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Monday, 6th January 2014
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Meiji Shrine plays host to New Year revellers

Tokyo's Meiji Shrine, which is one of the largest places of worship in the bustling city, played host to thousands of revellers on New Year's Day, all of whom ventured out with the intention of praying for good luck over the course of 2014.

A visit to a temple or shrine on January 1st is an important tradition for Japanese citizens, with many arriving on New Year's Eve in order to secure a good enough spot to pray from and to throw money into the collection pots.

Citizens began lining up at the Meiji Shrine in Shibuya at 10pm on December 31st. The Japanese tradition of spending this time of year with one's family meant that the crowds were formed of many parents and children.

Prayer-goers purchased good luck charms at the temple, which is noted for being one of the most beautiful in Tokyo, surrounded as it is by an enormous forest.

Written by Graham McPherson