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Monday, 7th October 2013
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Tokyo Olympics to 'trigger boom in Thai exports'

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is set to benefit the tourism and construction industries in Thailand.

This is according to senior Commerce Ministry official Nuntawan Sakuntanaga, director general of the Department of International Trade Promotion (ITP), who expects Thai exports to Japan to experience two per cent growth in 2013.

She predicted that the Thai food industry could penetrate the Japanese market and see high numbers of tourists visit Thailand while the Games are on.

Ms Sakuntanaga further suggested materials from Thailand used in the construction of highways, hotels, furniture and interior design goods will also be in great demand in Japan.

Meanwhile, Phatai Sooksommai executive director of Thailand's ITP office in Japan, claimed the Tokyo administration is planning to build new stadiums and villages for athletes ahead of the sporting event.

He said that these massive projects, along with the construction of new airport runways, railways and train stations, will result in employment for more than 152,000 people across the nation.

Written by Susan Ballion