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Monday, 7th October 2013
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Japan introduces multiple visas for Emiratis

Japan is rolling out multiple visas to people from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) that will remain valid for three years.

This is according to the Japanese Consulate in Dubai, which released a statement yesterday (October 6th) explaining that UAE nationals can soon apply for a temporary visit to Japan lasting up to 90 days for each stay.

From October 15th, Emiratis will be able to use the visas for a number of purposes, including short-term business affairs, trips to see friends and families and general tourism.

To apply for the documents, individuals must send proof of address in the UAE to the Consulate in Dubai, like a utility bill or bank statement.

Meanwhile, anyone living in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain needs to report to the Japanese Embassy in Abu Dhabi, and residents of Dubai or the northern emirates should submit their application at the Consulate in Dubai.

The post on the authority's website read: "The Consulate General of Japan in Dubai is authorised to issue visas to the UAE nationals and those who possess residential status in Dubai and other five emirates [Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Qaiwain]."

Visa fees will vary according to each nationality, with some countries exempt to these charges - interested parties should contact the consulate for more details.

The body stated that Japan is preparing to welcome a higher number of Muslim tourists and there are lots of halal restaurants and mosques in some of its major cities.

"We sincerely hope that more and more Emirati people will enjoy Japan’s scenic beauty, excellent food and its friendly people," consul general Matsunaga Daisuke said.

If Emiratis look up the Japan Travel Guide for Muslim Travellers, which has been published online by the Japan National Tourism Organisation, then they can find information about Muslim-friendly food stores and eateries serving up Moroccan, Indonesian, Iranian, Indonesian, Thai, Korean and South Asian dishes.

Written by Mark Smith