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Friday, 30th August 2013
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Japan Rail resumes magnetic train tests

Japan Rail ( JR ) yesterday (August 29th ) confirmed that it has resumed tests for its famed Maglev Shinkansen train, which is capable of achieving speeds of more than 505 kilometres per hour through the use of levitation achieved through magnets.

It was the first test to be carried out on the technology since September 2011, with operator JR Tokai confirming that a five-car train completed a successful test in Yamanashi Prefecture, west of Tokyo.

The large amount of time in between tests was required to extend the tracks out from 18.4 kilometres to the 42.8 kilometres required for greater speeds. JR Tokai confirmed that it expects to run a 12-car train on the same course for the next test.

As part of the event yesterday, transport minister Akihiro Ota, Yamanashi governor Shomei Yokouchi and JR Tokai chairman Yoshiyuki Kasai were among those who travelled on the train.

Written by Andy Mackay

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