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Tuesday, 16th August 2016
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Train routes app launches for Japan Rail Pass

The first Android navigation app of its kind has been launched to help passengers using the Japan Rail Pass to travel around the country.

NAVITIME for Japan Travel enables visitors to look up routes door-to-door when thinking about getting to their chosen destination.

The solutions presented to users will incorporate trains that are specifically included in the Japan Rail Pass.

Six companies under the JR Group have banded together to offer the pass, which allows tourists to travel on any of their services as they sightsee around the nation.

Not only are many local and express trains included in the pass, but so are a selection of shinkansen, or bullet trains, for which Japan is so famous.

Keisuke Onishi, chief executive officer at NAVITIME Japan, said: “The unique feature of this new service is that rail-pass holders can search door-to-door travel routes and be provided a display of routes that give a priority to routes on which they can use the Japan Rail Pass.”

The simple to use display shows all trains that can be taken to make the journey using the pass, including the Tokyo Monorail and shinkansen.

Any services that ply the route, but are not included in the pass are automatically filtered out so that passengers don’t get a shock when they have to buy an additional ticket.

These include the Nozomi and Mizuho shinkansen trains, which are not signed up to the Japan Rail Pass deal.

The NAVITIME for Japan Travel app went live on August 10th and is available to download now. Get it for Android here  and for Apple products here

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