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Monday, 12th August 2013
In Weather In Japan,

Heatwave leaves Japan sweltering

A heatwave has hit Japan, resulting in the archipelago's highest temperatures for six years.

According to data from the Japanese Meteorological Agency, the heatwave which struck on Saturday (August 10th ), pushed the mercury over 40 degrees C for the first time since August 2007.

The temperature proved particularly high in western regions, however some 290 observation points across the country delivered readings of 35 degrees C or higher.

The top temperature was reached in Shimanto a city in Kochi Prefecture, delivering a reading of 40.7 degrees C

This is not the only extreme weather Japan has seen in recent weeks, with the end of July bringing torrential rain to the Yamaguchi and Shimane prefectures.

Many residents in these areas were left stranded by rising waters, while the Meteorological Agency issued mudslide warnings.

Meanwhile, as the heatwave continues, the organisation is now warning citizens to guard against heatstroke by taking precautions such as using air conditioning and drinking plenty of water.

Written by Susan Ballion