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Friday, 11th July 2008
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Japanese firm to offer 'space weddings'

A Japanese company is offering couples the opportunity to get married in space.

First Advantage has teamed up with American aerospace firm Rocketplane to organise the wedding ceremonies which are literally 'out of this world'.

The wedding voyages will begin in 2011 and will see happy couples and their invited guests being taken 100km above the Earth, reports the Daily Mail.

Cindy Cashman and Mitch Walling, who met online, were the first couples to sign up a space wedding.

Miss Cashman, an wealthy businesswoman and author, commented: "While I was meditating, an idea popped in my head to be the first person to be married in space, so I started taking action to make my dream a reality."

She added that getting married in space was the "ultimate adventure".

In 2003, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko, who was stationed on the International Space Station, married his American girlfriend via video link.