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Thursday, 25th July 2013
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Japanese university students reprimanded over Universal Studios Japan pranks

A group of university students have had charges filed against them for performing pranks at Universal Studios Japan (USJ). 

The three undergraduates who hail from Kansai Gaidai, Doshisha and Kobe University are accused of performing acts which interfered with the park's operations. 

In one stunt the trio of pranksters jumped from a boat while it was still moving. In another, they reportedly capsized some rowing boats which forced the operators to stop the rides.

The group of male students then posted pictures of their pranks on Twitter alongside captions explaining their antics. 

They are also accused of sending a false tweet stating that their wrists were fractured while they rode a roller coaster at the park.

While all three universities at which the pranksters are students have apologised to USJ, the student from Kobe University has been suspended. 

A representative from USJ said:  "The safety of our customers is our first priority."

Written by  Graham McPherson

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