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Tuesday, 23rd July 2013
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Himeji Central Park shows off white lion cubs

Although they were born nearly a month ago, visitors to a zoo in western Japan have only just been given the opportunity to view five white lion cubs.

The animals are not all related however, as a lioness at the Himeji Central Park in Himeji, Hyogo Prefecture, gave birth to twins on June 26th. Another then gave birth to triplets on June 30th.

All the cubs are being fed by keepers at the zoo but the work is pretty full time as they require milk no less than five times every day.

While they weighed close to two kilograms when they were born, the animals are doing well and now weigh approximately three kilograms each.

Anyone who is hoping to get a glimpse of the cubs should not delay visiting the zoo as they will be only on public view until the end of August.

There is some controversy surrounding white lions as zoo associations have suggested that wildlife parks should not breed them as they are already inbred and have health issues as a result. 

Written by Mark Smith

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