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Wednesday, 3rd July 2013
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Hashima Island's desolate buildings recorded by Google Street View

Japan's Hashima Island, made famous by the latest Bond film, Skyfall has been recorded by a member of Google's Street View team in a bid to record the remaining buildings before they collapse.

An employee of Google was equipped with the company's Trekker backpack device which allows the user to move around terrain giving them a 360 degree view of their surroundings.

It took some two hours to record images of the island with the gear which contains an eye-watering 15 cameras that capture images every 2.5 seconds.

The land mass, which has been described as "the most desolate place on earth", is also known as Gunkanjima or Battleship Island as it is thought to resemble a floating war boat.

Mitsubishi bought the island in 1890 to retrieve coal from mines beneath the sea and in 1916, Japan's first ever tall building was constructed to house coal miners. The company announced that it was closing the coalmine in 1974 as petroleum had replaced coal as Japan's major source of fuel.