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Monday, 14th July 2008
In Weather In Japan,

Heatwave and thunder storms grip Japan

High school baseball players were recently instructed to use wooden bats, instead of metal ones, to reduce the risk of being struck by lightning during a thunder storm.

The occurrence came as extreme weather gripped parts of Japan.

On Saturday (July 12th), more than 260 people were taken to hospital due to a heatwave. In Saitima Prefecture, 32 people suffered heatstroke, while in Chiba Prefecture, 28 people were taken to hospital with the condition, reports the Daily Yomiuri.

In the metropolitan Setagaya ward of Tokyo, 11.5 millimetres of rain fell in the space of one hour.

More than 260 people were admitted to hospital on Saturday (July 12th) due to the hot conditions.

According to, the maximum temperature for July in Tokyo is 29C and there are an average of ten rainy days. In December, the maximum temperature falls to 12C and the number of rainy days drops to four.