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Tuesday, 4th June 2013
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Japan encourages casual office attire to cut energy use

As temperatures begin to rise in Japan, the government has taken the opportunity to launch its so-called Super Cool Biz campaign encouraging workers to dress in summer clothes.

The aim is to cut the use of air conditioning units in offices across the country, and this latest initiative was launched at the Environment Ministry's Kasumigaseki government office on Monday, June 3rd.

Workers will be encouraged to shed their long-sleeved clothes in favour of more casual attire for the four months of summer ending in September 30th.

The programme stems from the Cool Biz campaign which was launched in 2005 and aimed to get employees in Okinawa prefecture to cut costs.

In a bid to reduce energy use and cut carbon emissions the programme suggests that businesses should be kept at 82 degrees during the summer.

According to the government, if every office in the country did so, carbon-dioxide emissions could be cut by 2.9 million tons. 

Written by  Graham McPherson