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Wednesday, 15th May 2013
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Mount Fuji more visible from Tokyo than in 1965

Mount Fuji is becoming increasingly visible from Tokyo compared to when records began in 1965, according to a survey undertaken by the school climate observatory.

Those involved in the long-term observation project noted that in 1965, Mt Fuji could be seen just 22 days out of 365. In 2012, that number had increased nearly six fold to 126 days.

That means that for more than a third of the year, the highest mountain in Japan was visible from the capital.

In February 2013, Tokyo was affected by smog which the environment ministry warned may be damaging to health.

At the time that the air pollution hit, an environment ministry official said that access to the monitoring system had been practically impossible.

The environment ministry warned those with respiratory disorders to take extra care as air pollution in the west of the country exceeded limits set by the government. 

Written by  Graham McPherson