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Monday, 8th April 2013
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Japan prepares itself in case of North Korea missile attack

Japan is preparing itself in case North Korea follows through on its rhetoric and starts a nuclear war against the US and its allies.

The island nation has put mi ssile interceptors out to sea, although it admits that there is only a low possibility that it would be targeted.

A source said that Japan was "preparing for any contingency". Destroyers are therefore being placed in the Sea of Japan and interceptor missiles could be fired to take down any threat from North Korea.

China has also waded into the confrontation by appearing to criticise North Korea. The country's  president Xi Jinping told an economic forum in Hainan Province that "no one should be allowed to throw a region and even the whole world into chaos for selfish gains".

He added that while pursuing its own interests, a country should accommodate the legitimate interests of others.

Written by Mark Smith

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