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Tuesday, 19th February 2013
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Japanese govt to predict new earthquakes

The Japanese government has announced that it is compiling new predictions for the biggest possible earthquake to hit the nation.

Ministers at the country's Cabinet Office are assessing the probability of a large earthquake and tsunami along the tectonic plates which span from the coastal area of Hokkaido to Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture.

News On Japan reported that the predictions will include the epicentral area of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The aim is to prepare the country should there be a magnitude-9 class quake predicted, it would also mean that current estimates could be greatly exceeded and call for the review of disaster-prevention measures.

The Great East Japan Earthquake struck the Asian nation in 2011 causing devastation throughout the county and left well over 15,000 people dead with a further 330,000 having to live in temporary accommodation.

It is hoped that with more accurate predictions the country will be better prepared should the worst happen again.

Written by Susan Ballion