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Wednesday, 6th February 2013
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Japanese government sanctions hacking contest

Although computer hacking is usually synonymous with illegal practices, law suits and prison terms, it seems the Japanese government has realised it could use hackers to its advantage.

In a bid to protect itself against future cyber attacks, Tokyo played host to the country's inaugural hacking contest which took place on February 3rd and was sanctioned by the government itself.

During the event, two teams were asked to solve 24 problems within a time period set out by the competition organisers.

The teams had to steal computer data and decipher codes. A group of IT security workers from Tokyo won the competition after they correctly completed 17 challenges.

Mashahiro Uemura from Japan's Economy Ministry office for IT Security Policy suggested that the issue is getting harder to control as "hacking techniques are getting more complicated and sophisticated [and] we [therefore] need this kind of contest to fight back and survive".

Written by Graham McPherson