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Wednesday, 9th January 2013
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Yokohama resident dies after ambulance sent to wrong address

A Yokohama resident died following an incident in which a rescue team were sent to an incorrect address, leaving the victim waiting for over half an hour before he was reached.

The unnamed man, who was in his 60s, called the Yokahama City Fire Bureau on 119 and was heard to say "there is something wrong with my heart," the bureau reported.

Although an automated system links the call to the address from which it came, the operator at the department gave the rescue crew the address of a person who lives on the same street.

The confusion came; it appears, as both the victim and the resident whose house was visited by the crew had the same family name.

Upon arrival, the ambulance was unable to get in through the front door, which was locked, and so wasted time trying to get into the property via a window on the second floor.

By the time they realised the mistake, some 36 minutes had passed since the initial call and the victim was found dead on arrival.

Written by Susan Ballion

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