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Wednesday, 2nd January 2013
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Record-low number of new-borns in Japan in 2012

The number of children born in Japan in 2012 was at a record low, highlighting concerns over the country's dwindling population.

That is according to figures released by the health ministry, which revealed that there was a net drop in the population of 212,000 over the past 12 months. This figure was reached by looking at number of children born in 2011, which was a record low of 1,033, set against the number of deaths which stood at 1,245,000.

In 2011, the decline in population was 200,000, although the gap is probably larger between the two years if you take into account the 19,000 people who died in the tsunami that year.

The research revealed that the trend is set to continue with the population falling by one million every year over future decades.

While the number of babies born is reducing, the average life expectancy is predicted to rise to 84.19 for men and 90.93 for women by 2060, which suggests there may be problems arising from an increasingly aging population.

Written by Mark Smith

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