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Wednesday, 2nd January 2013
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Fukushima residents suffer obesity due to outside-ban

Residents of Fukushima, the site of the 2011 tsunami which killed some 19,000 people, are suffering an arguably unexpected after-effect of the disaster.
A report by the Japanese government suggested that a ban on outside activities, which was designed to protect those living in the area following the damage received to the nuclear plant, has caused a rise in obesity among the local population.

The government compiled a report of the heights and weights of some 700,000 children in 47 prefectures across the country and discovered that Fukushima had the highest height-to-weight ratio in seven out of the 13 different age groups.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently visited the Fukushima nuclear plant and admitted that the job of dismantling the area set an "unprecedented challenge" for those taking part.

Once the plant has been decommissioned, Mr Abe said it would "lead to the reconstruction of Fukushima and Japan".


Written by Susan Ballion

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