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Thursday, 29th November 2012
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Japan's Washlet toilet looks to dominate world

Toto, Japan's high-tech toilet manufacturer has supplied its product, Washlet, to over two-thirds of Japanese households in the country. However world domination eludes them, for now.

Selling over 30 million toilets so far, the firm wants the world to see just how "excellent" Washlets are.

"It's because of the cultural taboo over talking about toilets," said head of the international division at the company, Hiromichi Tabata when explaining why the product has not picked up steam internationally.

The Washlet has a heated seat, a smell-masking button and posterior jets of water that are controlled by the user.

Water temperature can be controlled, according to the climate you are in. In more tropical countries, the jets of water are cooler and vice versa for colder climates.

Arguing that water cleans a bottom better than paper and that it's more environmentally friendly as no paper is used, Mr Tabata stated this invention is slowly picking up in Europe.

Written by Graham McPherson