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Thursday, 8th November 2012
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Supermarket chain Seiyu admits to falsifying employee documents

Supermarket chain Seiyu has admitted it falsely accredited 282 employee records on Tuesday (November 6th).

It was previously alleged that the company faked their employee log books regarding supervised pharmaceutical sales experience in over 19 prefectures throughout Japan.

The work experience would fulfil the requirements needed to enable them to sit a qualification exam and if passed, become fully trained medication sales clerks, said a report in Kyodo News.

Seiyu confirmed that 200 out of the 282 employees who passed the exam have been "relieved" of their duties in the pharmaceutical department.

Since 2008, the company stated that it had supplied 352 official documents logging workers experience.

"We will investigate and deal with the matter appropriately," said the nation's health minister Wakio Mitsui.

Under the training and guidance of experts and pharmacists, employees had to be trained for a minimum of 80 per month for one year in order to sit the exam.

Posted by Susan Ballion

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