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Tuesday, 5th August 2008
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Japanese cultural backgrounds 'are diversifying'

The range of different backgrounds from which children born in Japan have come is diversifying as the 21st century progresses, it has been revealed.

A survey conducted by the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry has shown that around 3.2 per cent of the babies born in Japan in 2006 had at least one parent who was from outside the island nation.

This figure amounts to more than 35,600 babies from Japan whose cultural heritage comes at least in part from other areas of the world, Kyodo News reports.

Meanwhile, an increased proportion of people who married in Japan in 2006 were also from outside the country and the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry is keen to see the growing diversification of the population reflected more in its the legal frameworks.

The most common area of origin for people moving to live and marry in Japan is the Korean peninsula, where residents from both north and south are seemingly keen to head to one of the most popular parts of Asia.

It was revealed by the Japanese government that the scale of the island's population as a whole increased for the first time in three years during the 12 months prior to the end of March 2008.