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Thursday, 25th October 2012
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Makoto Taki named as Japan's new justice minister

Japan has named Makoto Taki as its new justice minister, after a difficult week for the ministry.

Prime minister Yoshihiko Noda has reinstated former justice minister Taki, who was the previous justice minister before Keishu Tanaka took over on October 1st after a cabinet reshuffle.

A spokesman on behalf of the Japanese government, Osamu Fujimura stated: "Former justice minister Taki has a thorough understanding of the workings of justice administration."

The post was vacant due to yesterday's (October 23rd) snap resignation of Tanaka, who has cited health reasons, however has also been accused of having links to organised crime.

A magazine had also revealed that he had once acted as a matchmaker for a senior mobster in the Yakuza crime gang.

After spending over a week denying and underplaying the accusations with mounting pressure from politicians, the justice minister resigned.

The 74-year-old new justice minister had a reported low profile in politics until he won popularity for increasing Japan's reckless driving laws.

Posted by Graham McPherson