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Friday, 5th October 2012
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Japanese researchers turn skin cells into eggs

Scientists in Japan have managed to create eggs from skin cells taken from mice.

A research team from Kyoto University successfully produced three fertile baby mice through a new method of reprogramming.

The technique involves making the skin cell blank so that it can be reshaped into another form of cell. 

This is not the first time the group achieved this feat, however, having managed to create mouse sperm from embryonic cells earlier in the year.

Such a breakthrough could enable infertile couples to produce a baby, although researchers have maintained science is still a far way off this.

Writing in the journal Science, the study authors said: "Our system serves a robust foundation to investigate and further reconstitute female germline development in vitro, not only in mice, but also in other mammals, including humans."

For ethical reasons, it is believed the scientists will not conduct similar trials in people anytime soon but it does raise the potential for further research.

Posted by Graham McPherson