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Tuesday, 12th August 2008
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Hotel serves guests "dream grapes"

A Japanese hotel has begun offering guests an after dinner treat of grapes that cost almost £450 a time.

Diners at Kagaya, a world-famous traditional-style inn situated in the central Ishikawa prefecture, served the Ruby Roman grapes - priced at 100,000 yen - to guests staying in the most expensive rooms, reports AFP.

On the grapes' debut day, Kagaya chief cook Fujio Uko said: "We wanted to delight our customers and also wanted to wish producers good luck."

Each guest was served with a pair of grapes, which Uko describes as "not excessively sweet but fresh, delicious and juicy".

Since the seeds were first sown, it has taken the prefecture 14 years to put the Ruby Romans, or "dream grapes", on the market.

Local farmers hope to sell a tonne of the premium grapes.

Fruit is sometimes considered a luxury in Japan and items such melons and peaches are often given as gifts.

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