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Monday, 3rd September 2012
In Japan Entertainment News,

Three-wheeled poop bike showcased in Japan

A major Japanese toilet manufacturer has showcased its environmentally-friendly approach with a three-wheeled motorbike that is powered by animal waste.

Riders mounting Toto's Toilet Bike Neo have the potential to drive 300 kilometres, however, they will not be relying on their own "gas" to get the vehicle moving.

Bio-fuel contained in a novelty tank in the shape of a toilet is made up of sewage, household wastewater and purified waste from livestock to power the 250cc motorcycle.

Dubbed the "poop mobile", its makers stressed it was not going to be launched commercially, but is merely a tool for promoting the company's green initiative.

Developers began the project in November 2009, designing a first instalment of the Neo, with some desired functions carried over to the second and final bike.

As part of its environmentally-friendly promotions, the company is undertaking a 1,000 kilometre journey from its factory in Kotura to Tokyo in October.

Posted by Susan Ballion