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Thursday, 26th July 2012
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Japanese carmakers UK's most reliable, survey finds

Japanese carmakers have dominated a survey of the most reliable cars in the UK, with Honda, Toyota and Lexus topping the results.

Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Nissan also featured in the top ten of the Reliability Survey conducted by What Car? alongside Warranty Direct.

The brands were judged on the amount of times their vehicles break down, as well as the average cost and time of repairs. 

Honda came out first with a failure rate of just ten per cent - in stark contrast to 36th-placed Land Rover, which had a failure rate to 71 per cent.

The average cost of repair for a Honda was found to be £361, while Toyota and Lexus vehicles tend to cost £384 and £433, respectively.

An average reliability index score stands at around 100, with lower scores indicating a better result.

Honda received a score of 39, while Land Rover had a score of 300 and sports car magnate Porsche racked up 243 points.

Editor in chief of What Car? Chas Hallett underlined Honda as an "exceptional" brand while paying tribute to Japanese car manufacturers in general.

He said: "Reliability is so important, especially when times are tough. Japanese carmakers really do deliver on reliability and Honda is exceptionally good at this."

Mr Hallet also drew attention to poor performing brands that perhaps might have been expected to score better.

"What will be surprising to many is the fact that several of the more desirable brands did not fare so well regarding reliability, and the cost of their repairs are high. They need to do better," he said.

Among the most expensive brands to repair were Audi (£471), Mercedes (£474) and Chrysler (£412), which were ranked 26th, 29th and 31st, respectively.

Still, the cost to repair a Mitsubishi or a Mazda remained relatively high at £424 and £435, respectively despite both receiving a positive score of 91.

Posted by Mark Smith