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Thursday, 12th July 2012
In Japan Entertainment News,

Japanese motorist foiled by self-made video

A Japanese motorist was caught on camera speeding and reprimanded by the police, however it was not local law enforcement that snapped the footage.

The 38-year-old executive allegedly strapped a camera into the inside of his Lamborghini to film himself excelling the speed limit.

What the video proved was that the man was racing around the western city of Hiroshima at a staggering 160 kilometres per hour.

This was twice the speed limit as he was frantically making his way around a zone restricted to a mere 60 kilometres per hour.

While the incident occurred two years ago, the police were informed of his crime because of a popular video-sharing website where it seems the driver wanted to expose his sports car skills.

A YouTube viewer came across the footage and reported it to local law enforcement, who followed up the incident to nab the speedster.

The man was eventually located by the police and arrested for traffic violations, yet he appeared to have his own reasons for committing the life-threatening crime.

He was quoted by AFP as saying: "I enjoyed the sound of the engine and the speed."

Anyone planning on visiting YouTube to watch the driver in action should note the footage has since been removed.

It is unlikely this is the kind of behaviour Ferruccio Lamborghini had in mind when he started the brand after founding a tractor factory in the wake of World War II.

It was in the 60s when Ferruccio decided to rival Ferrari by creating his own sports car and he set up a factory devoted to the cause just 25 kilometres from the city of Bologna.

In 1963, the 350 GT was born, despite a number of trials and errors being experienced by Ferruccio in the run up to this development.

Who knows what he would have made of the Japanese driver's dangerous venture!

Posted by Graham McPherson