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Monday, 18th August 2008
In Japan Sports News,

Swimmer Kosuka Kitajima 'may retire'

Olympic swimmer Kosuka Kitajima has announced be may retire after this year's games having clinched his third and fourth gold medals in Beijing.

Although the 25-year-old said he was relieved the competition in China was over for him, he had not made a final decision on where his future lies.

Mr Kitajima commented: "We all really wanted to stand on the podium together and see the Japanese flag raised In the individual events it's just me. But in this one we all had to put our strength together."

The swimmer may also be recognised with a government award, the People's Honour Award, as a result of his sporting heroics, reports the Daily Yomiuri Online.

In related news, American swimmer Michael Phelps recently became the most decorated Olympian off all time when he won his eighth gold medal, taking his career tally to 14 golds.