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Thursday, 28th June 2012
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Japan university holds peace conference with Taliban

An official from the Taliban has made a rare trip to Japan as part of a peace conference organised by the Doshisha University in Kyoto.

Representatives from the Afghan government are also at the forum, which the elite education institution hopes will help put the war-torn country on the road to peace.

Din Muhammad, who sits on the Taliban's political council, is appearing alongside President Hamid Karzai's internal security adviser Masoom Stanekzai and other Afghanis at the talks, AFP reported.

The private university set up the talks and professor of Middle Eastern studies Masanori Naito revealed that the goal was simply to get all parties to open a dialogue.

"We brought opposing parties together to debate paths toward peace," he said to the news agency.

The need for a resolution is all the more pressing, with Nato forces planning to hand over power to local authorities in 2013 before a full withdrawal in 2014.

Written by Graham McPherson