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Thursday, 17th May 2012
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Fugitive penguin sighted in Tokyo Bay

The fugitive penguin that escaped from Japan's Sea Life Park in Tokyo has been spotted alive and well, frolicking in Tokyo Bay.

Aquarium officials thought that the trail had run cold in the hunt for their runaway Penguin, but just when the search had been called off, Reuters reported that the missing bird had been caught on camera.

Having hopped out of its enclosure back in March in a story reminiscent of the DreamWorks movie Madagascar, numerous sightings of the Humboldt penguin known only as No 337 were then reported in nearby rivers.

When calls stopped coming everyone feared the worst but, having been caught on video, officials from the Sea Life Park confirmed that their bird is alive and well and apparently enjoying its new-found freedom.

Identifying their bird by its distinctive ring tag, Sea Life Park spokesman Kazuhiro Sakamoto told the news agency that "it looks like it's been living quite happily".

"It didn't look like it has got thinner over the last two months - or been without food," he said.

Written by Mark Smith