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Wednesday, 16th May 2012
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Japan to glimpse partial solar eclipse

A rare solar eclipse is set to take place this coming weekend, with parts of southern Japan likely to see the astrological event.

Nasa is predicting that the annular eclipse will begin in China before moving east across the southern coast of Japan then arriving on the west coast of the US, Sky News reported.

Known as an annular eclipse, the stunning solar-lunar alignment will see the moon move in front of the sun with all but a 'ring of fire' blocked out across a stretch of the earth's face.

It is due to take place in Japan during the early morning of May 20th.

Speaking to AFP, Nasa eclipse expert Fred Espenak said: "People always think that eclipses are extremely rare but there are at least two solar eclipses every year.

"Each of these annular eclipses covers a very small fraction of the Earth's surface."

According to the space agency, the next eclipse will be a partial lunar event that will occur on June 4th.

Written by Mark Smith