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Thursday, 19th April 2012
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Sharp turns on the largest TV in Japan

The largest consumer television in Japan is about to hit the country's stores, measuring a staggering 80 inches.

Japanese electronics brand Sharp has unveiled its latest series of Aquos televisions, and the biggest in the range will be the largest available through retail in the country.

The gigantic goggle box is expected to retail for 950,000 yen (£7,265) and is part of a six-strong range of televisions that start at 40 inches in size, PC Advisor revealed.

Sharp has a huge factory in Japan that specialises in manufacturing the components needed for supersized TV screens.

"This gives us a cost advantage compared to other companies when it comes to 70 and 80-inch panels, which is also true for televisions," said Shinsuke Yamamoto, a manager at Sharp.

To get an LCD television any bigger, consumers would have to go through different channels.

Having a TV custom built would be one option, though Sharp does manufacture a 108-inch screen that it sells as a retail display model.

Written by Mark Smith

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