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Wednesday, 27th August 2008
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'Tomb of Queen Himiko' discovered

Archaeologists believe that they may have discovered the tomb of Queen Himiko in Nara.

A dig has uncovered remains of a moat in Sakurai, Nara Prefecture which the team claims could have surrounded the final resting place of the Yamatai Kingdom's ruler.

The findings suggest that the burial mound could be much larger than previously thought and more in keeping with the scale of imperial tombs, Mainichi reports.

It is also hoped that the discovery can help researchers learn more about how the ancient Yamoto court was founded after the Yamatai Kingdom.

Theories over the Yamatai realm have conflicted, with some historians arguing a site in the Kinai region was the location of the kingdom, while others have looked to an area in northern Kyushu.

In 2000, a number of artifacts - including a coffin surrounded by wooden beams dating back to the third century - were found in Nara, the Japan Times reported.

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