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Tuesday, 9th September 2008
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Green polar bears stun visitors to Japanese zoo

Visitors to a Japanese zoo have been observing a strange phenomenon: green polar bears.

The normally white bears, inhabitants of Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Gardens have begun turning green after swimming in a pond filled with algae.

Many visitors have been concerned that the animals are sick or are covered in mould, reports the Associated Press.

Zoo official Masami Kurobe commented: "Visitors seem to be shocked by the colour and we are asked every day why they are so green."

The bears have remained green as the algae is difficult to rinse off. However, they are expected to return to their natural colour when the algae growth subsides in November.

In related news, a Japanese zoo recently celebrated the birth of a giant panda cub - the first to be successfully bred in the country as a result of artificial insemination.

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