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Wednesday, 26th August 2009
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Firm set to turn Japan green

The Kyocera Group has announced a new plan to try and reduce the need for air conditioning in offices in Japan and help to lower the country's CO2 emissions.

The company is turning its hand to making "green curtains" made from plants that are designed to hang down the side of office blocks and manufacturing companies in order to prevent the inside of the building from heating up.

In total, 12 locations across Japan are set to see these "green curtains" installed.

Kyocera Group hopes that by absorbing CO2 and acting as a sunshield, the curtains will reduce the need for companies to use energy-consuming air conditioning units.

"Furthermore, the soft green colour of the foliage which shades the windows creates a relaxing atmosphere, which has become a topic of conversation for both employees and visitors at the various locations," the group said.

According to the firm, this year it has grown green curtains that total 965 foot in length and cover an area of 8,342 square metres.

Japan has long been known for its high levels of carbon emissions, particularly from industry, but is taking increasing steps to try and reduce its carbon footprint.

Written by Kimberley Homer.

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