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Wednesday, 23rd November 2011
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Furukawa surpasses ?outer-world? Japanese record

A Japanese astronaut has outdone fellow competitors to set the newest national record for the longest stay on a space station in a single journey.

Satoshi Furukawa spent five and a half months in outer space, surpassing standards set by Soichi Noguchi and Koichi Wakata, who spent 163 and 137 days on space stations respectively, the Japan Times reported.

Furukawa returned to earth yesterday (November 22nd) in a blackened re-entry capsule detached from a Soyuz spacecraft to land close to its target point in Kazakhstan.

Accompanied by Russian cosmonaut Sergei Volkov and Nasa astronaut Mike Fossum, the trio emerged smiling as they were met with blankets and chairs to help them recover from their time in space.

Nasa spokesman Josh Byerly described the landing as swift despite a chilling descent onto the snow-covered steppe outside the town of Arkalyk.

Before taking the trip into space, Furukawa had to undergo rigorous medical tests to confirm his suitability for the expedition.

Earlier this month, an east-Tokyo group broke a Guinness World Record after cooking up the biggest rice cracker humankind had ever seen.

Posted by Mark Smith