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Wednesday, 16th November 2011
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Taking the ?cracker? of world records

Record breakers from the town of Kioroshi have entered the Guinness Book of World Records following their second attempt at creating the globe’s biggest rice cracker.

The World’s Largest Rice Cracker Committee, based in the east-Tokyo town, failed last month to pass the mark as their cracker fell short by just three centimetres, AFP reported.

However, this hardly discouraged the group, who cooked up an incredible five-foot-three-inch cracker from a weighty 33 pounds of powdered rice yesterday (November 15th).

One of the team’s members, 63-year-old Michihiro Yamaguchi, described the impressive feat as a “sweet revenge” on the previous attempt.

He told the news provider: “I hope that people all over the world will hear about our town because of this.”

The committee managed to bake the cracker on an open fire as they turned it over every few minutes to make it perfectly crunchy.

Townspeople later chowed down on the soy-sauce flavoured giant snack after it was photographed and proven to have been a world record-breaking accomplishment.

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Posted by Mark Smith