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Thursday, 3rd November 2011
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Dragons get off to a promising start

The Chunichi Dragons got off to a promising start in their first game of the Central League Climate series after beating their closet contenders, the Tokyo Yakult Swallows, 2-1.

The team already began the game with a one-win lead and home field advantage as the pennant winner, upping their stakes in this season's competition which will see the first team to reach four wins advance to the best-of-seven Japan series, the Japan Times reported.

Kazuki Yoshimi proved his worth for the Dragons as he scattered five hits and truck out two in a 112-pitch outing.

Dragon's outgoing manager Hiromitsu Ochiai told the news provider: "That was a good game, wasn't it? I was wondering how things would turn out since it was our first game in two weeks."

The manager was relieved his team took the lead in the competition, suggesting a good rest had helped them to move well on the pitch.

Last week, it was revealed the Japanese government was considering lifting a ban that prevents people from travelling to North Korea to allow football fans to view their team in action against the neighbouring host in Pyongyang.

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