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Monday, 17th October 2011
In Japan Entertainment News,

Japanese artist enjoys 'banana splits'

A Japanese artist has caused quite the stir across the net after posting pictures of bananas he sculpted into famous or interesting faces.

Twenty-three-year old Keisuke Yamada has unveiled some of his most exiting creations to viewers across the world when he spiced and diced the fruit into such characters as Homer and Marge Simpson, as well as Davy Jones of Pirates of the Caribbean.

He has also taken a royal stab at depicting the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on sleek bananas.

However, among his most extravagant creations was perhaps his depiction of the god of the sea, Poseidon.

Using six bananas the sceptre wielding god is surrounded by impressively carved horse heads, and the artist even leaves the skins on for maximum impact.

His reasoning behind the hobby?

"It began when I thought it might be interesting to carve a face into the fruit. The first was the face of someone with a smile. I was surprised by how many people liked it."

Yamada strives to finish his designs and photograph them within 30 minutes before the fruit turns brown.