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Wednesday, 15th October 2008
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Eco Action Point trial begins

Japan's environment ministry has begun trials of a new points system that rewards people for eco-friendly behaviour.

The Eco Action Point programme allows customers to accumulate credits by using public transport instead of their cars and purchasing energy efficient products.

Around 20 businesses and organisations are taking part in the trial scheme, the first multi-industry, nationwide project of its kind, reports the Mainichi Daily News.

Points are generally calculated at between one and ten per cent of the price of the product. For example, customers that buy a fluorescent lamp from consumer electronics outlet Kojima will receive 50 points, while a prepaid card from Hakyu Railway earns 30 points.

Among the participating firms are Kojima, Bic Camera, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking and Fukuoka Financial Group.

In other environmental news, scientists believe a tiny insect that measures just two millimetres in length could be used to battle the troublesome Japanese knotweed.

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