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Wednesday, 7th September 2011
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Heartfelt book charts kids' tsunami experience

A new collection of essays written by children describing their experiences of the March 11th tsunami has been published.

That is according to a report from AFP, who spoke to the man behind the project, 43-year-old journalist Ken Mori.

He told the publication: "The children struggled to recall what they had felt with their five senses. They lacked skill in writing, but I think the readers felt their works were vivid and real."

Although the book features terrifying experiences of the children who suffered many personal losses, an upbeat outlook is also conveyed.

One ten-year-old writer, Shota Kumagi, expressed his feelings about receiving a visit from his best friend at the Kesennuma shelter.

"He cried his hear out. When I asked why, he said, 'Aren't we friends?' I couldn't have felt any happier. I thought that a person who cries for me is my true friend."

As well as commemorating the devastation of the tragedy, the book promises to celebrate the survivors and subsequent relief efforts.

Bungeishunju Co is contemplating publishing English translations proposed by three separate readers.

Posted by Susan Ballion