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Friday, 17th October 2008
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Student satellite project prepares for lift-off in January

A small satellite manufactured by students at the Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology is to be launched next year.

The satellite will be loaded on to a H-2A rocket and be sent skyward in January, reports the Daily Yomiuri.

Around two million yen (£11,429) has been donated by local residents, companies and retailers in the Arakawa ward of Tokyo to fund the student's trip to see the rocket's launch at the Tanegashima Space Centre.

One student commented: "We'll do everything we can to make the project a success for the locals who supported us."

The KKS-1 satellite was one of six selected by the Japan Aerospace Exploration to be carried into space.

In March this year, Japanese astronaut Takao Doi threw a boomerang on the International Space Station, reported

He told his wife: "I was very surprised and moved to see that it flew the same way it does on Earth."

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