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Friday, 17th October 2008
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Opposition 'relishes Japanese elections'

A former party chief from the Democratic party feels that the opposition stand a great chance of toppling the current regime.

Reports in the Japanese media have suggested that prime minister Taro Aso could call a snap poll in November - and Katsuya Okada believes that the Democratic party could benefit.

"There are 45 days left and no one knows what drama will occur. We think that now we have a chance to take power, but no one knows the future," he told Reuters.

However, Mr Okada acknowledged the concerns of voters over electing a new, untested regime.

He appealed to the nation to "take the risk", claiming that not doing so will cause things to get "worse and worse".

Meanwhile, prime minister Aso did not attend a festival at Tokyo's Yasukuni Shrine this week.

The landmark is seen in some parts of Asia as a sign of Japanese militarism - associations he may have been keen to avoid ahead of his visit to China, TVNZ reports.

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