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Friday, 8th July 2011
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Email scandal emerges in aftermath of Fukushima disaster

The president of Kyushu Electric Power Company is considering resignation after it emerged phony emails were sent in the aftermath of Fukushima's nuclear disaster.

Employees of the firm were encouraged by one worker to send emails from home posing as members of the public calling for the reactivation of nuclear reactors in the area.

The emails were used as support for the restart of reactors in a televised meeting backing the idea.

Toshio Manabe, the company's president, apologised on Friday for the scandal and is expected to make a decision about whether to step down by Monday, according to Japan Today.

Jiji news agency reported that Manabe said: "I am reflecting deeply on the actions that tried to influence a hearing that should be fair and neutral."

Currently 19 of the 54 reactors are in use with routine maintenance being carried out on the equipment in the next few months.

While the Japanese economy is struggling to regain composure after the tragedy, businesses have been instructed to reduce their energy use by 15 per cent.

Written by Graham McPherson  

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